What operating system templates do you offer?

CentOS 6 i386 CentOS 6 x64 CentOS 7 x64
CoreOS Stable Debian 7 i386 (wheezy) Debian 7 x64 (wheezy)
Debian 8 i386 (jessie) Debian 8 x64 (jessie) Debian 9 x64 (stretch)
Fedora 24 x64 Fedora 25 x64 Fedora 26
FreeBSD 10 x64 FreeBSD 11 x64 OpenBSD 6 x64
Ubuntu 14.04 i386 Ubuntu 14.04 x64 Ubuntu 16.04 i386
Ubuntu 16.04 x64 Ubuntu 17.10 i386 Ubuntu 17.10 x64
Ubuntu 18.04 x64 Windows 2012 R2 x64 (from $10) Windows 2016 x64 (from $10)

Do you offer IPv6 support?

Yes, IPv6 is available in all of our 15 locations!

Do you offer managed hosting?

No, your instances grant you full root access and are 100% self-managed.

Do you support multiple IPv4 addresses per instance?

Every virtual machine comes with one primary IPv4 address. Up to two additional addresses are available for an extra fee.

Port X seems to be blocked on my VPS, are you blocking it?

We block several ports that are commonly abused for DDOS attacks. This includes TCP and UDP ports 17, 19, 1900. These blocks are permanent, and cannot be removed. Depending on your account, outbound SMTP (port 25) may also be blocked. This block may be removed by opening a support ticket. Also, note that many operating systems are configured with firewalls which block traffic. You would need to open any ports you need within your VPS’s firewall.

Do you allow outbound SMTP?

In some instances, outbound traffic to the SMTP port may be blocked for new accounts. If you encounter this restriction, contact our support team from the customer portal.

What are the hardware specifications of your host machines?

In order to achieve the highest possible virtualized performance, all of our host machines use the latest-gen Intel CPU architecture with 100% SSD storage.

What type of virtualization do you use?

We utilize KVM ( Kernel-based Virtual Machine ) on 100% of our infrastructure.