Restriction on upload of executable files

securityFrom a security perspective, uploading of executable files with the below extensions through FTP is not allowed on GiraffeCloud Windows Hosting Servers:

.BAT (batch file – DOS/Windows) .JAR (Java archive)
.PIF (shortcut to DOS file plus code) .VBE (Visual Basic script-encoded)
.CMD (batch file – Windows) .HTA (hypertext application)
.PIF (A program information file for MS-DOS programs. While .PIF files aren’t supposed to contain executable code, Windows will treat .PIFs the same as .EXE files if they contain executable code.) .VBS (Visual Basic script)
.COM (machine language) .LNK (shortcut to an executable)
.PS1, .PS1XML, .PS2, .PS2XML, .PSC1, .PSC2 (A Windows PowerShell script. Runs PowerShell commands in the order specified in the file.) .WS (Windows script)
.CPL (A Control Panel file. All of the utilities found in the Windows Control Panel are .CPL files.) .MSP (A Windows installer patch file. Used to patch applications deployed with .MSI files.)
.SCR (A Windows screen saver. Windows screen savers can contain executable code.) .WSF (Windows script)
.EXE (executable script) .MSC (A Microsoft Management Console file. Applications such as the group policy editor and disk management tool are .MSC files.)
.SHS (OLE object package)